And the site is up and running!

Hello and Welcome all to the new Natimuk Cafe blog and website. While content may be a little thin at the moment, this will build week after week until we have a site that provides not only information about the cafe but also what might be going on in the world around us – most importantly in the world of Nati and surrounds. We are looking at this as a very organic process – much like we have approached the cafe. We will keep plodding and picking away  until we are happy with it.

What can you expect? Staff and community members may be harassed, err sorry, approached to provide a blog post every now and then. Pictures be they cafe or food inspired, personal or community based will be sensationally splashed across the blog pages. Maybe Cafarazzi style. It will be a great way to hear about events happening at the cafe – 2015 promises to provide more of that. Feel free to let us know if there is anything you might like to see.

Since opening the cafe nearly 9 months ago, it has been a crazy, busy time working out what we want from a cafe, what our customers want from a cafe and making sure that we get a good mix of both. And we are all still smiling and having great fun doing it so the recipe must be working. It definitely helps that we have an absolutely awesome team working with us – You can check them out here. And they are still smiling so we musn’t be too bad as bosses.

Getting things right is important to us and while we understand pleasing everyone is a near to impossible goal, we reckon if we can please most people, most of the time then we are doing okay. Always happy to learn from our customers though, so if you do have any suggestions, please feel free to drop us a line at  Alternatively, you can drop a note in our suggestion box at the cafe, which should be in place soon.

Other avenues you can read about us, keep in touch real time or even drop a review about the cafe –

Facebook –
Trip Advisor –
Urbanspoon –

Most of the time you will see us running around in our Natimuk Cafe aprons, serving scrummy food, bevvies and what we think is a pretty awesome cup of coffee (that’s what people tell us!) Here are some pics below of most of the staff, owners included, having a lovely night off to partake in a recent Spring by the Lake bash in Nati. That doesn’t happen that often but when it does, it’s nice to dress  up. We think we polished up okay.

Owners Glenn and Karen

Owners Glenn and Karen


Owners Cam and Tracey

Owners Cam and Tracey


Glenn and Cam

Glenn and Cam


Bake lady Bec and Barista Jo

Bake lady Bec and Barista Jo



Karen, Tracey, Chef Andy, Bake lady Bec and Barista Jo










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