New Evening meal specials are created each week. There are usually 3-4 main courses that cater for meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans. There is usually at least 1 gluten free offering. To see some previous meals see here

Lasagna (Meat)
Lasagna (tomato based sauce with vegetable and lentils as well as bechamel sauce and cheese)
Quiche Lorraine/Vegetable Quiche
These are served without  a garden salad – $10 or with salad – $15

CameraAwesomePhoto copySalad Combo plate (selection of 3) – $12.50 (Summer and late Spring)

Soup(s) of the Day (Winter and Autumn) $10
2014-05-31 09.51.25

All cakes are handmade on the premises. The selection can vary but a number of the standards are:

photo copyCarrot Cake
Chocolate & Beetroot
Orange Flourless Syrup Cake
Maple & Pecan Cake
Jam & Coconut Tart
Chocolate Torte
Choc/Hazelnut Torte
Peach & Parsnip Cake
Lemon & Lime Syrup Cake
Pannacotta shots

2014-10-24 15.10.08

Scorched Blood Orange syrup cake

2014-10-24 15.11.36

Banana Cake – Vegan friendly


2014-08-30 12.10.29

Quiche – Lorraine and Vegetable



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