Who We Are

One of the most important tools in having a great cafe is a great team. And at The Natimuk Cafe we feel quite confident that ours is. Their skills are diverse be it in hospitality or otherwise and it all makes for a great recipe. Included at the top of the list of skills should always be a sense of humour. It may appear that climbing is also a major pre-requisite with just about all on staff being climbers but we don’t discriminate. Honest! Here is a little bit about all of us:

karen website picKaren – Owner/Manager
Want it done right? Karen’s your girl. Coming from a corporate background where organization is key and lists are tantamount to success, she has slipped in perfectly to the crazy, busy world of hospitality. A major foodie, cook and wine connossieur, she ensures the kitchen and all to do with the food side of the cafe runs smoothly. Along with Chef Andy, she whips up many of the regular menu items.


photo tsTracey – Owner/Manager
For those that like singing in the workplace, be it ads or merely a chorus of a song, you can’t go past Tracey. Left over from her years in the entertainment world, she lives vicariously through herself. Whilst she does dabble in cooking and enjoys doing so, her true calling is front of house, events and promotion. Comfortable in the world of social media, she is often taking phone snaps and writing silly media blurbs.


glenn website picGlenn – Owner
Don’t be fooled by the serious man pose. As a photographer, Glenn is well aware that the camera can lie. He may be an owner, but Glenn’s true talent in this hospitality gig, is his vigorous and enthusiastic running of the cleaning patrol. We all get tired just watching him wipe down a table. He also insisted on washing up gloves as the water was playing havoc with his fingers and impacting on his climbing.


photo caCameron – Owner
Don’t be fooled by the innocent boy pose. This man’s humour verges on dark. One of the owners of the cafe, he seems to be happiest when wearing ninja washing up gloves and creating a little irreverent banter in the kitchen or purchasing beer for the cafe.  Cameron, like Glenn was sure he would be donning the smoking jacket and swanning around the cafe upon his ownership. Yeah, sure.


andy website photoAndy – Chef
It’s a wonder Andy’s head can fit through the door, such are the compliments on his cooking that we receive. But fit it does, being the very  modest lad that he is. Fussy in the details are what really makes his food sing. Yes…again, another climber and an all round great guy. Just don’t ask him about his large soup pan episode……


jo website photoJo – Barista
Jo hails from Perth originally, but we’re the lucky ones and we’re calling her one of our own. Not a coffee snob but she is fussy about what a coffee should be and how it should be made. And that’s not a bad thing. Always open though, to someone’s personal taste. A bubbly Barista, student, climber and sometime kitchen cook.


Bec website portraitBec – The Bake Lady
Heard of a whirling dervish? Meet Bec. She is our lady that bakes. And boy does she do it well! She also totally believes in quality control – which means she tastes everything she bakes. Thumbs up from her and from us on our cake selection. Based in Nati now, Bec has worked in hospitality in most of the countries she has climbed. An all round gal.


yensha website portraitYensha – Breakfast Whizz
There are poached eggs and then, there are poached eggs. You definitely want some of Yensha’s. And we won’t even mention how beautiful her avocado fans are. An absolute natural in the cooking game, Yensha has worked at a number of cafes and restaurants. She’s ours now and whips up the breakfasts on Saturdays.

photo nwNaja – Floor
Naja is the Cafe’s Girl Friday. Works mostly out on the floor but happy to do a bit of everything. She is now starting to build her Barista skills – she will have us all out of a job by the time she finishes her skill set. Looks like it’s probably world domination after that. Girl Friday hey? Sure, we know what you’re up to Naja!



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